Friday, March 2, 2007

Take one giant crappy storm, and add one major CN derailment on my line home, and you get 3.5 hours of commuting home last night. Subtract the derailment, and just drive through the heavy snow, and Mark took over 5 hours to get home last night.

We were just lucky that the wedding shower my mum was going to attend after work was cancelled and she was able to pick Oliver up from daycare or he might as well have spent the night there.

The derailment looked really bad closeup last night, but this morning all the cars were off the track. It looks like they are now working to replace all the damaged track, there didn’t end up being a toxic spill, and no one was hurt apparently.

I think I am going to take some work home and go home early tonight; it’s just a fluke that I got here almost on time this morning as I ended up taking the 6:12 train to Union Station as it left Oshawa at 6:42 and I was there at that time to take the 6:52.

It was a free GO train ride though as the whole section of Oshawa where the train station is has no power, I’m assuming due to the freezing rain this morning, so I couldn’t cancel my ticket in the machine. The drive to the station was treacherous, but I felt had to come in. It’s a mess out there, sloppy and slippery. Can I move back to England now?

3 Responses to “”

  1. Gabby Says:

    I was just commenting to my wife how much I like the weather here – even when we had the white outs last week I was reasonably happy.

    Just remember in England everything stops with the tiniest amount of snow…my half hour drive from Birmingham – S.Leics took me 3 hours one day because of a couple of centimeters of snow…here in Canada they wouldn’t bat an eyelid for that.

  2. Catwoman Says:

    well, at least spring is just around the corner! Just keep remembering that!

  3. Searching For a Meaning Says:

    Oh dear – “it wasn’t me – I was only playing my CN microsoft train simulator – honest”.

    Luv your blog.

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