Monday, March 12, 2007

Ignoring the fact that I almost didn’t find any socks to wear today, and that because we changed our clocks and sprung ahead this weekend I had to get up and get ready in the dark, life is pretty sweet. A much shorter commute, so far nothing broken in the move, and a house that is beginning to get organized. I think we are going to be living with a million cardboard boxes for a while though.

Oliver is going to visit his daycare today with Mark, because I thought dropping him off cold turkey at a strange place for 9 hours was kind of mean, so he’ll start there like normal tomorrow. And they have to visit a public health lab to get our well water tested today as the test done during house buying negotiating was sort of inconclusive (we haven’t been drinking the water just in case).

My parents got us a massive gorgeous plant, and our (very nice) realtor came over bearing a gift certificate for a local gastropub and a one year subscription to Canadian House and Home! We are feeling spoiled.

I am sooooo tired though. I wish I could have taken time off of work to sort the house out. It’s going to take ages with us both working, and with Oliver running around.

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  1. Catwoman Says:

    Congrats on the successful move! I hope Oliver does great at his new daycare!

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