Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I’m a little worried about new daycare. First of all, we booked him in there out of complete desperation as we could literally find nothing else with space available anywhere near our new house or commute. I felt okay about it when we visited, but it’s really really not as good as the home daycare he was just in. He comes home vaguely smelly, a bit crusty with food, and yesterday had scratches on his own (could have been self- or other-inflicted) and today had a mark on his mouth that I thought was a scrape but turned out to be food or something.

He is happy, however. And they keep going on about how great he is, and what a good day he’s had. I’m not entirely sold though. I think we need to go on a waiting list somewhere else, and also do another scan of any possibly home daycare (NONE in this area last I checked).

Other than that, he’s rediscovered the dog and the cat to his great joy. Because they stayed in the basement at my parents’ house, he didn’t really see them that much, maybe once a day. Now it’s something almost like ‘doggy’ and giggles whenever Piper is around, and lots of chasing of the cat.

And because we’re unpacking, he’s also rediscovering loads of toys he hasn’t seen in ages. Turns out that what was considered baby toys are a lot more fun when you are older. He actually picked up a toy phone tonight, put it to his ear, and said something like ‘hello’!!

But he’s also having to spend a lot of time in his travel cot/play pen. AKA the cage. Unpacking and new house = danger all around. We’ve got to get more baby gates, along with 50 million other items, and then one day he’ll have a playroom.

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  1. Sandy Kerr Says:

    Wow Em – so much going on and so little time for you to digest. But Mom’s do worry. AND Day Cares are scarey places, (for Mom’s)and while most Mom’s know to go with their ‘gut’ feeling, you do have to fairly give them a chance.
    New kids arriving at a daycare have to get used to the pecking order (I was here first type thing)so there could be a little of that, but as for the food crusties, just speak up and tell them your concerns and ask for a face wipe (how hard is that for them to do?). When you (or Mark) pick Oliver up, take a good look and maybe even a ‘walk around’ to SEE. Are other kids going home ‘smelling oddly?’, with food scrapings on their faces?, check condition of the floors, bathrooms etc. You have every right to look, and question, and ask for any changes you feel are needed. And then ‘look around’ the next day too and then miss a day and do it again.
    Good luck dear.

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