Monday, March 19, 2007

Oliver is sick. Sick like he’s never been. And I deserve to be shot, because I took him and his germs to Jaden’s first birthday party on Saturday. I actually didn’t even realise how sick he was until we got to the party.

On Friday, he had a runny nose that was turning green, so we took him to the doctor’s in the evening for a quick check up (bad throat) and antibiotics. So I assumed this was just a cold that was going to clear up. He didn’t eat much dinner but I wasn’t worried.

On Saturday, he slept the whole car journey down to the party, and woke with up some nice eye discharge. Not only did he have his runny nose (but no longer green), he also was not acting at all like himself. Normally a gathering of that many adults and children would have him squealing with glee. He was mopey and wouldn’t really eat or drink much.

Sunday I realised we probably had conjunctivitis on our hands and wasn’t I a good person who had just exposed how many kids to pink eye? Today Mark is at home, also sick, and they are going back to the doctor for more antibiotics as there is just green snot coming from almost every orifice of that child.

And it’s like he’s been body snatched. He’s clingey. He reaches out for hugs and to be picked up. He’s lost his appetite. Who is this child?! He’s sleep like twice as much as normal – but at least he’s able to sleep through all that snot.

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