Monday, April 9, 2007

I’m neglecting this blog again, much like I am sure I am neglecting my son. What’s new with Oliver? Well, I have no photos of him lately other than this one taken on the computer’s camera as we’ve managed to lose our proper camera somewhere. Which is a problem really when everyone asks for photos. Other than that, he’s kept his clingyness from when he was sick, which is nice as he actually gives squeezy hugs now, but it’s a bit odd sometimes how much he asks to be picked up. He’s babbling more and more and more, has like full conversations in some unknown Chinese dialect, and more and more sounds actually sound like words (like dog, cat, dada, ee eye ee eye ooh, grapes – he’d kill you for grapes). He’s got a runny nose again, which I’m sure means he’s sick AGAIN. So many germs at that daycare. His appetite has returned full force – he impressed the hell out of Tami on Friday at lunch, conquering Mandarin Chinese buffet. I think he ate as much as I did.

Oh goody, Mark just found the camera. But Oliver’s in bed so maybe next weekend I will do a giant photo shoot.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Oh the Mandarin! Yum! I used to love that place.

    Last winter, I took Jack to the doctor’s when he had his umpteenth hideous cold. The doctor said to me “I never knew how much snot a child produces in the first 3 years of its life until I had one myself.” Honestly, Jack’s had a drippy nose for 4 months now. Lovely.

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