Monday, April 9, 2007

I had a ME day today, never get those anymore. Started with guiltily dropping Oliver off at daycare (though not till 9:30), then moved on to a haircut and highlights. Got rid of nasty broken ends, have needed a haircut for months now. Then had a physical at my new doctor’s (not quite so fun), grabbed some lunch at Harvey’s and started shopping. And just kept shopping. Spent small amounts of money at many stores, thus creating a large Visa bill. Got myself a new outfit, loads of stuff for Oliver and some stuff for the house. Then picked Oliver up at 4:30 and bought some hangers and a baking sheet at Walmart while he flirted with other customers. Then came home and played with Photo Booth on the computer. And made a baked camembert with baguette for Mark and I. Yummmm. I could really get used to 4 day weekends. Alas it won’t happen again for a long time!

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