Sunday, April 15, 2007

So I thought it was teething. He’s had only 8 teeth for so long, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom, and now suddenly everything else in his mouth seems to be emerging at the same time. On Saturday he was fine (had photos taken at a chain studio – rip off! – played with everyone, went out for greek dinner – my mother was over). Saturday night I brushed his teeth and his gums were bleeding and he was very unhappy. So I thought when the screaming started it was due to his teeth.

Saturday night was done in 1 hour shifts, alternating between sleeping and screaming, alternating between infant ibuprofen and infant tylenol. Sunday he was inconsolable and sleeping also when not screaming. So Sunday afternoon we took him to the doctor and lo and behold it’s another ear infection. Like the fourth or fifth one in 3 months.

Thankfully last night around 7pm, he sort of returned to being a normal child for an hour (I let him stay up as he’d slept most of the day) and talked and played and got into trouble like normal. But Mark is at home with him today as I think he needs more antibiotic before returning to daycare.

I managed to take a few photos before the screaming crying child appeared:

Practising already for ‘why the bleep are you taking my photo, mum’ – similar to my own facial expression, I believe.

Thankfully there was no vodka in this cup before he drowned himself in it.

Chillin’ on his rocking chair (was his dad’s). Also no vodka in that cup either.

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