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Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the weekend, Mark bought a 50 inch television, an LCD projection tv. He’s been wanting this particular Sony for a while, and found it for what he felt was a good deal. It’s ridiculously large. Well, except it was last week. Now it just seems like it’s always been there and it’s a normal size. Not sure how that happened.

At the same time, we bought a matching poofy armchair and ottoman. An ottoman! To put feet up on! Wonderful! Things that make me happy…

One of the positive things about being back in Canada was meant to be the existence of 4 seasons. In England, it’s sort of perpetually spring, with the odd day of winter or summer thrown in randomly at any time of the year. Except, there was no spring here in Ontario this year. Winter ran in April, and then May has featured so many super hot days I can’t even count them. It’s been in the 30s so much – today feels like 37. Thank god for air conditioning. But what is August going to be like? In the 50s?