Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I’ve been coping pretty well with this single parenthood thing, since Mark’s been away on business from early Thursday morning. Okay, so my mother came to hang out with us on the weekend, but I’ve still been pretty productive. There have been dinners prepared, laundry done, dishes done (including hand washing items), and I think Mark will be pretty impressed as to how much we have accomplished (of course, this also reminds me how much he actually does around the house, particularly as I’ve been pretty useless lately, so props to him).

But of course, today, Oliver got the runs at daycare. Which means he can’t go tomorrow. Which means I can’t go to work. Except instead we are going to have a little visit to my office, so that I can pick up some work and send some emails, and all my work colleagues can meet him, as they’ve been wanting to.

I jinxed myself. My boss and I agreed yesterday that I deserved an award for getting through the entire month of April without having to take any sick days off – the first month this has happened since I started there in January. So forget about May now.

And for all those people who don’t have special weeks where they are single parents – those who do it everyday? Total respect and admiration.

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