Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For the past few weeks, the cafeteria here at work has been having ethnic-themed Tuesday lunches. Today, Great Britain was featured. I was thinking, as I picked up my coffee this morning, we were going to see bangers and mash (not that I would eat sausages from there), fish and chips, roast beef and yorkshires… I just stopped in and they had something called ‘beef hot pot’ and roast root vegetable stew. And a chicken santa fe wrap, asian seafood stir fry, and some roast turkey. I guess it’s appropriate – what is British cuisine these days anyway? However, based on every other ethnic food theme day, I was looking forward to the full stereotyping! I went for the fresh fruit with cheese and crackers bowl myself.

I’m on a very effective diet right now. I’ve lost so much weight so quickly the doctor’s office thought they read the scale wrong. It involves a hell of a lot of vomiting, and not on purpose. It also includes aversions to many, many foods. It lasts about 9 months. I’ve only endured 16 weeks of it so far. I’ve had it before. This time with bonus kidney infection. Can you guess? Should I make it more obvious?

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  1. Tara Berry Says:

    Congratulations Emma!

    Not on the puking, the parasite!

    As a mom of two I think it’s okay to refer to them as such. They live inside you, make you puke, swell, fart and belch. They steal all the nourishment you can keep down and leave you with their leftovers. They make you fat and when they are done with you, they still leave you fat, peeing everytime you laugh to hard or sneeze and then they take over every square inch of your home with their crap!!!

    Isn’t motherhood great! LOL,
    16 weeks down 24 to go, Love to all


  2. jamie Says:


    Congratulations! That’s wonderful!!!

    You’re joining the multiple children crowd!

  3. louisa Says:

    Ohh Emma CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am really pleased for you Mark and Oliver
    Ohh now I cannot wait to see more baby pics , yes yes yes I know it is like 24 weeks away but a girl can get excited can’t she ?! lol
    Again congrats from the other side of the country !

  4. Suburban Mum Says:


  5. Jen & Co. Says:

    Hi Emma!
    Thanks for the note – funny enough, I actually perused your site and liked it very much recently, too!
    Oh, and a very hearty CONGRATS!

  6. Catwoman Says:

    Congratulations!!!! That’s fantastic (although the vomiting and losing weight probably not so much…)

  7. Gavin Says:

    Congrats! Hey, I wish I could lose a few pounds…I’d also make a fortune being the first ever pregnant male!!!

    Double Brucie bonus!

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