Saturday, May 26, 2007

So after all that fuss, figuring out the tune (Frere Jacques, by the way) to the Rolly Polly song, and trying to get him to practice, we rush to his daycare last night for the class performance.

I get there JUST in time for 5:15 start except that there’s a technical problem that delays it, and then half the parents have to go to another class for their other children’s performances, and then everyone gets cranky ’cause they’re hungry and they’ve put a bunch of food out. So we make sure the kiddies have food, they show some slide show of the kids that a parent put together, and then they sing the song. Except they didn’t call the kids up to sing it so Oliver ate his pizza and clapped. How anticlimactic. I was all prepared to film it but it really wasn’t necessary.

I have an interesting blog post, all ready to go, comparing my experiences in prenatal care in 2 countries. Except I can’t get the damn html formatting to work correctly as I was trying to make a table and it’s showing up all funny and halfway down the page. So I will need to figure out some other plan. But I’ll hopefully post it soon.

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