Friday, June 1, 2007

On top of the differences in care between first and second pregnancies, there are also the basic physiological differences. I knew that I was going to ‘show’ sooner than last time. What I didn’t expect was exactly how fast it would be. I’m 18 weeks now. Last time, at 18 weeks, we got married. I had bought a dress with a ‘room for growth’ option, lace up detail on the back, but I didn’t really end up needing it. Things were still pretty soft in the tummy region. This time at 18 weeks? Someone actually offered me their seat on the subway yesterday! I was shocked. And things are definitely not so soft, and a lot more bump-like. It probably doesn’t help that I started off with more of a tummy than last time (and anti-nausea medication means I’ve stopped losing weight, damnit!).

Last night on the way home, I was driving through a pretty major thunderstorm, which meant that traffic was super slow. It took me ages to get to Oliver’s daycare, and he gets pretty cranky at that time when he’s hungry. So I made an executive decision that an emergency McDonald’s intervention was necessary, particularly as Mark was working late and it was just me and him for dinner. He was HILARIOUS at dinner. I had to keep reminding myself that he’s only 17 months old. He insisted on having the drink, a medium sized Sprite which was actually about as big as his head, on his tray. He was like straining to lift it to his mouth and use the straw, but he’s into asserting his independence lately and he was determined to do it. And he somehow learned to dunk his chicken nuggets in ketchup. I don’t even think he’s had ketchup before, but letting him try it out was a riot.

We’re actually very lucky (like most things to do with him) that he still loves his food and hasn’t turned into a really picky eater (yet…). They rave about him at daycare – ‘he’s such a good eater!’ – and apparently he’s normally last at the table. When we were there for his performance, many other parents were literally begging their kids to eat a bit of pizza. Oliver was chowing down on pizza, chicken, vegetables, and more. The communication notes often come home with ‘4 servings of this’ and ‘3 servings of this’ written on them. The only thing they ever wrote to say he’s refused has been cauliflower – which he pretty much never gets at home as I don’t like it.

And how good he’s always been (with sleeping through the night, with being happy to go out in public or go shopping, with eating, etc.) – it probably means that I due to have a devil child. Can’t wait.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Heh – Paul’s grandmother keeps saying that if the first child’s a dream, the second will be a nightmare! I hope she’s not right because Jack is a fantastic kid.

    If it makes you feel better, I was in maternity wear at 9 weeks. Gaaaah.

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