Saturday, June 2, 2007

We’ve been lucky enough to inherit some pretty nice planting in the flower beds around the front of the house, and whoever did it really did a nice job. Not too formal, interesting kinds of plants, and different things have come out at different times. First was the tulips, which are long gone. Then the shrubbery started to come up, and almost every day there is a new flower (lately the irises) or something new to look at. I’m pretty impressed.

Around the back, there isn’t much planting, but there is the main pond (a natural water feature, a tributary of a river) which has been pretty untouched – just in its natural state. There is a small stagnant pond that was put in closer to the house – it’s the frog pond. It’s mucky and features giant frogs. The bigger pond has turtles, geese and ducks. There are some other very colourful birds, bright yellow and red cardinals. Sometimes a heron stops in or just flies over. We’ve also had rabbits and squirrels. All of this is fine, good even – it’s sort of like a wildlife oasis back there, and Piper gets entertained by it all.

Except this morning. This morning there was a coyote out there. I think. Or a wolf? More likely a coyote. Probably not just someone’s dog running loose. Sort of freaked me out. Realized the cat probably should start being an indoor cat. I mean, I’m not a fan of the cat but I wouldn’t really like to see it gutted by a wild creature.

When Oliver wakes up (on weekends he likes to take 3 hour morning naps – he’s like a teenager), we’re going to hit a neighbour’s moving sale, do a bit of shopping, and then head over to my parents’ house to splash in a kiddie pool. Super hot again today. Mark, unusally, is working most of the weekend, so I am trying to find ways to entertain the kid while simulatenously doing stuff around the house before Mark’s mum and stepdad arrive on Friday… eek, a lot to do…

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  1. Catwoman Says:

    I’m pretty sure my cat who’s gone missing has been eaten by a coyote. We haven’t found clumps of fur, thank God. But if he’d been hit by a car, we would have gotten a call by the city, since he was microchipped, and that didn’t happen.

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