Thursday, June 21, 2007

I’ve been in kind of a blogging funk (not much else to talk about other than kid-related stuff, which I try to leave on the other blog), while at the same time being sort of busy with Mark’s mum and step-dad visiting for almost 3 weeks.

We’ve tried to balance working full time with keeping them entertained, so weekends have been pretty booked up with trips to Ottawa, Niagara Falls, seeing family (of mine and of theirs). At the same time they seem to be completely uninterested in doing any sightseeing, which has also been challenging. I’m not quite sure what the point of travelling is if you don’t actually want to do or see anything when you get there. I appreciate that they came to see Oliver etc. but I still don’t get it.

The good thing about them coming was that it inspired us to change the spare bedroom from a former girls’ bedroom with glow in the dark stars and stickers everywhere with horrible bright yellow painted walls into something nice and neutral. I’ll have to take photos when they vacate the premises, but the room looks a lot better, even if I can not yet afford to change the starry curtains. And will be a good neutral base for another nursery. Mark did a lot of quick work painting and patching holes in the wall.

Mark has also recently had a structural engineer come round to tell him that yes, it would be technically possible for us to raise the pitch of the roof, which is a fairly common thing to do to improve a bungalow. He met a neighbour that has just moved out of our area who is a contractor, who has put him in touch with the right people. Next step is to get some architectural drawings done, which will be for the whole house, for all the changes we’d like to make (our ensuite is a big priority for me). And then of course we have to look at the finances, to see if big changes to the house to improve it and increase its value actually make a lot of sense. ‘Cause it might make more sense just to demolish it instead. We’ll see. It’s going to be a long process.

Tomorrow night Mark and I are going to Kingfest to see Sloan, which is exciting for a date night, but also slightly terrifying. Feeling-ancient pregnant woman going to outdoor festival with large crowds and big speakers. Good times! I would have liked to have taken Oliver out to it on Saturday and/or Sunday as well, but we’re going to be busy with the in-law’s last weekend here.

No plans for Canada Day yet, but greatly anticipating a mid-July trip to New York City (my first visit) to meet up with Maria and Joel and new daughter Eleni (who we used to hang out with in London and now live in Pennsylvania), and Emma and Mark from Wales. As a bonus it’s the first time I’ve been allowed to take holiday since I started here 6 months ago!

And the weekend after that, a giant housewarming/my 30th birthday party at our house…

Whew. With all that, I think I don’t need to post for 2 months now.

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  1. louisa Says:

    good god girl no wonder you have not been posting !! its all go go go for you
    Saw sloan as they opened for the police here in edmonton. Aging but still good think you will have a brilliant time…sounds like you deserve it !!

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