Friday, June 22, 2007
It’s when I write that I don’t have anything that blog about that things come up…

I’m feeling lucky today. I need to buy a lottery ticket.

Last night, John from work lent me his copy of Microsoft Office for Mac on the off chance he hadn’t used up all his product keys (he thought he had). But it worked – and now we have the most awesome super computer. All the benefits of a Mac with the accessibility of Word and Excel and Powerpoint. It means I can work from home when Oliver is sick – and truly work instead of just being available to answer the phone. I almost kissed John today at work – instead Mark and I got him a nice bottle of scotch. A small token for saving us hundreds of dollars.

We’ve been having a photo contest at work. I wasn’t really sure what the criteria was, but our Ddirector said something about seeing what we all used to look like when we were younger, and brought in one of himself with an Afro. I scoured my parents’ albums and found the following:

The story is that it was taken when we lived in South Korea in the early 80’s. We used to have dinner at the Hyatt Hotel near our house, as they served Western food that kiddies like (like apple juice and plain spaghetti). And I always had a thing about putting things on my head, like napkins here or tea cozies at my grandparents’ house.

So this photo just won me a basket full of organic goodies, even a Maya Gold Green and Blacks bar that my co-workers are bidding on, stuff I could make a nice pasta dinner with. Just can’t drink the bottle of wine!

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