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Sunday, July 22, 2007

As I’ve just mentioned on the main blog, we were pretty mean to Oliver on our trip to NYC 2 weeks ago. We sort of didn’t let him nap properly (too much to do to be laying in a hotel room for 2 or 3 hours), and we didn’t exactly feed him when he was hungry.

We did, however, expose him to airplanes, taxis, diggers (his current favourite word after uh-oh), trains (subway) and boats – all of which he can either say or attempts to say. And he sort of kept freaking out about them He’s a transportation addict. I suppose his parentage is not in question.

New York is also full of dogs, which is helpful (woof woof every 5 minutes). And he did absolutely love the petting zoo at Central Park.

With 5 month old Eleni (he still can’t say baby, he says daaaae instead and I have no idea why)

With other Mark (not Daddy) on the ferry:

At the zoo looking scared!

I think he called them ‘moos’, but he was loving the goats at Central Park Children’s Zoo:

After he recovered from his weekend of topsy turvey schedule, we had our party a week later, and he had a great time with everyone – but mostly with Jaden. It was fantastic to watch them interacting, even hugging and kissing! I don’t really get to see what he does at daycare so it was nice to see that he didn’t attempt to beat or bite other children. Jen has some great photos on Jaden’s blog here.

And since then, it’s just back to normal. Except for his grandad arriving tonight and a few adventures he doesn’t know about yet (downtown Toronto and Ottawa). All he cares about is diggers and uh-ohs and choo choos anyway.

Oh, and apparently trying on my rain boot(s):