Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How many years do I have before the sippy cup is replaced with a beer and the cheese crackers with chips? Or worse? He gets all proud when he sits back in his Muskoka chair with the cup in the drinks holder.

Canada Day festivities, last weekend – it was an overwhelming day of limited napping (very unlike him and resulted in uber crankiness), too many kids everywhere and not enough activities that he was really old enough for, despite his best efforts. I actually tried to get him one of those leash backpacky things so he could get out more in the crowd – they ran out at the store. But I think I might trial it on our visit to New York City next weekend…

He’s loving playground equipment these days.

I’m not only neglecting writing about Oliver – apparently I have nothing to say about pregnancy either? Well, 23 weeks, feeling mostly okay. Just a lot bigger than last time. And haven’t lost as much weight as last time, so much for my fail proof diet. Got to treat myself to some new maternity clothes because of it though. Have pretty much stopped vomiting altogether, took myself off the medication for it. Tired in the evening but so what, I was before. My sales pitch? Second pregnancy – not nearly as exciting as the first time around!!

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