Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Every time Oliver hits another month or significant age, now 18 months, I think to myself – this is my favourite time so far. The older he gets, the more I enjoy it. I’m really not a newborn person. Which is a slight problem considering there’s going to be one around in the fall. But at least they will grow up fast, and that personality will come out, and all will be fine again.

Hopefully he won’t be as cheeky as his older brother. As great as 18 months is, every night is like total cheek-fest. I think he saves it for home. They say how good he is at daycare, and we know he follows all their instructions and everything. But at home? Learning how to throw a ball has turned into forcefully lobbing cups and drinks off the high chair (“uh oh” – “you little bugger, on-purpose throws are not ‘uh oh’ worthy!”). Bathtime and bedtime has turned into a chase, as he doesn’t want to go. He knows crayons only go on the paper and not on the books or table, but he tests all the time just to make sure. It’s fairly exhausting, actually.

He’s finally interesting in learning new words all the time. And spends most of his time looking at books. I think there are so many thoughts go on in his head these days that his words can’t catch up with them. So as dog used to be ‘dog’, now it’s often ‘woof’. And cow is ‘mmmf’ which is a version of ‘mooo’ but so is every other animal he doesn’t know the name for yet. And tree is ‘tee’ but so is bird. I mean, he sees both out the window or in the yard. And I know the difference when he says them, but he’s not managed to say something resembling bird yet.

Current obsession is ‘choo choos’. Thomas the Tank Engine, in particular. Which is rather handy when his father is quite happy to play with a train set (we just got him a little wooden one from Ikea) or read him stories about trains.

I am really glad that we get BBC Kids, which shows some great toddler television during weekday mornings. So I set the PVR box to record it and we watch great stuff on the weekend – British-accented Thomas, Teletubbies (loves the baby in the sun), Balamory, and sometimes I’ll subject myself to the Tweenies.

He finally learned the true meaning of ‘no’ a few weeks ago. As in, he shakes his head no, he says ‘no’ or ‘naw’, and he usually repeats it when we say it to him. Like full on ‘NO’. And he’s got the devil in him (you can see it in his eyes!) when he really uses it, but it’s so funny.

He’s overall just very busy, running, hiding, throwing balls, climbing, but it’s mostly hilarious. The tantrums crack me up. I mean, throwing yourself on the floor because I took away your crayon when you tried to eat it? Come on.

As far as development goes, he’s always been on top of developmental charts as far as physical things (I’m just looking at babycentre.com’s milestone charts, and he can stack 4 blocks, and he can throw a ball overhand, and he can kick a ball (has done for a while), and I’m pretty sure he can take toys apart and put them back together – maybe not really intricate ones) but the words have come slowly. We had a report back from daycare like 2 weeks ago, an unexpected developmental assessment that they do on the all kids, that said they wanted him to use 10 words and we needed to encourage his language development. Since then we’ve been able to count 20 words that we know of. I’m not worried. He understands so much, and I almost always understand his grunts and screams and points. He’s communicating.

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