Sunday, July 22, 2007

We’ve been exceptionally busy lately so I am having a hard time catching up with everything. Actually, I lie. It’s not that we’ve been exceptionally busy lately. It seems we’ve been extremely busy constantly for months and months. There’s never a free weekend and certainly no time to relax. Except that I can barely make it off the couch in the evenings. But at least I have an excuse.

So 2 weeks ago was our adventure to New York City. It seemed like a whirlwind trip, but we didn’t actually really do that much as it seemed to take us forever to get organized (well, when you’ve got 2 adults staying in another hotel 10 minutes away, then 2 other couples with a 5 month old and an 18 month old each, there’s a lot of lag time there). It was absolutely brilliant to see Maria and Joel and get to meet smiley baby Eleni, and equally brilliant to catch up with Emma and Mark, and to all be in the same place at the same time. Great hotel room, some fantastic food (pizza, Indian, fresh fish and chips all made for wonderful dinners), interesting city to explore (loads more to see whenever we get there again).

Not so great – not realizing how full ensconced Oliver is in his routine and dealing with little nap time and eating at funny hours. Wow travelling with a toddler sucks so much more than travelling with a baby. I ended up giving him his dummy most of the weekend, something that hasn’t happened in like 8 months or so. He was all smug about it, as he knows he shouldn’t have it except at bed time. Oh well. It was a survival technique, and I was stressed enough about him already. He returned to normal after giving us one restless night as payback. Oh, and it was also HOT and STICKY and air conditioning saved us from death.

Photos (will put more on Oliver’s page):

Financial District near where we stayed:

Central Park:

Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry:

The whole motley crew in Battery Park:

Statue of Liberty from the ferry:

Then we came back to the realization we had 4 days to prepare the house for mass public consumption – our housewarming/my birthday party. We worked hard every night that week, and I tried to make a lot of stuff from scratch that morning. By the time the party came at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, I was half asleep. I seriously couldn’t get my act together on putting food out. Completely forgot about my birthday cake. Anyway, it was generally successful even though quite a few people that had rsvp’d didn’t actually turn up.

This week has been insane at work. I was juggling a commitment to write a manual for one of the programs we manage off site for 5 days alongside normal activities that included several time sensitive items. I therefore managed to make some silly mistakes on the normal work that I rushed through on short visits to my computer and felt like an ass. In the middle of the week, our Director was unceremoniously let go from the organization. Sort of a big deal and sort of a big mystery. Throws our whole unit into turmoil and change and rumours of more change coming soon. Lovely – job insecurity, just what I need right now.

Tonight, Mark’s dad and step-mum arrive from England = more cleaning and organizing. I’m taking Monday off so we can take them in Toronto and maybe go to the Island or something. I’ll have to check in at work though – it doesn’t really feel like a good time to have a day off. Next weekend, August long weekend, we’re taking them up to Ottawa. And after we get back they’re off to Vancouver for the rest of their 2 weeks away.

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  1. Tea & Margaritas in My Garden Says:

    Hi Emma,

    Wow you sure have been busy! The statue of liberty looks great. Never been to New York.
    Haven`t been around visiting blogs in awhile so glad I stopped by. And a late happy birthday! 🙂


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