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Friday, August 24, 2007

So on Sunday we are off on holiday for a week. And when we get back, it’s Labour Day, so we don’t have to go back to work until the Tuesday. I feel spoiled!

So next week we are staying in a hotel on the waterfront, with pretty good sounding meals on an all inclusive package, and it also includes 6 hours a day of childcare/children’s activities. In which exotic locale? Oh, uh, up the road, north of Orillia. It’s here.

The problem was that I wanted to take some holiday before I went on mat leave. When we considered what time of year we were looking at, somewhere like Florida or Cuba had to be ruled out (hello hurricanes). And we didn’t really want to fly somewhere far away (so glad we decided against it after reading this) in my current condition. And the main problem being that we moved to CANADA and going on short breaks sucks so much more than from the UK. Oh how I miss just being able to take a little time to get over to France, or elsewhere on the continent.

So instead we are staying pretty close to home, but not really saving any money (it ain’t cheap). Oh well. One of the highlights is being able to put your kid in the children’s program after you feed them dinner, and then going back to have your OWN dinner child free. You mean I might get to eat a hot meal for once??

It’s sort of Butlins-esque, which kind of freaks me out, with so many activities for kids, for adults, for families together. And I’ve read that as people go there year after year, it gets really competitive. I’m only really interested in relaxing, spending some time in the water (lake or pool or whatever) and not being at work. I don’t really care about the rest.