Tuesday, August 14, 2007


  • I just discovered on Sunday, watching him interview Kristin Scott Thomas, that Jeremy Clarkson owns the same car as me (my Volvo). This made me happy. And then it disturbed me that it made me happy. I mean, I really enjoy Top Gear (which in itself is strange for someone who doesn’t give a flying fig about cars), but Jeremy’s an ass. So why do I care??
  • I am currently addicted to this loaf cake they do at Second Cup which is like a pound cake with raisins in it, and a caramel fudgey topping. Oh god it’s good. I am trying to restrict myself to once a week. Luckily, despite having a bunch of Second Cup franchises in my office complex, they don’t always have it available to order.
  • I have a problem. Amalah has the same problem. I can’t bring myself to cut Oliver’s curls off. He’s starting to look like a girl. He’s never had a haircut, although I did have to trim his bangs/fringe a while ago. I must really bite the bullet and get it chopped…
  • I’m going on a road trip for work tomorrow to Brantford. Woo hoo. (Not really that exciting but at least I won’t be on the computer all day).
  • A reunion with a bunch of old grade school friends on Sunday, thanks to Facebook, is a lot more exciting. Should be fun.

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