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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So I picked a great day to be at home sick.

Okay, so I didn’t pick the day. It picked me. I woke up feeling like complete garbage this morning, having caught the plague that is going around my office. Oddly, I have been one of the last people to catch it. Must be that daycare germs are building up my resistance finally. Or something.

Anyway, I can tell when I wake up that I have a fever and somehow I am even more achy than normal. I am normally pretty achy right now, so extra achiness means I am basically barely moving. The thought of even walking from my car to the subway meant I turned the alarm clock off and went back to sleep.

So I resign myself to a day of crankiness, napping and daytime television. Except just before I get a chance to catch the new hosts on the View, the cable cuts out. When it’s not on 20 minutes later (and I’ve turned the TV and the cable box on and off like 50 times), I then realize the telephone and internet are also buggered.

Good god, I think, I’m going to have to like read a book or do some housework or something. Or write a blog entry while offline, ha ha.

I called Rogers, our sole provider of these services. Except of course I had to call on my cell phone (also on Rogers), which decided to keep cutting out. I’m thinking at this point it’s got to be a bigger issue that just my little old house. And so it was, when I eventually managed to stay on the phone long enough to speak to someone – our whole street was out. At least this means they’ll fix it fast, right? (can’t help but have that minor panic of …what if something happens to me and I need to call 911 and my damn cell keeps cutting out?! – but it’s just mild paranoia really…)


I think this blog is a better place than the other blog to write something about the virtues of being childless this week.

I truly had forgotten what it was like to be able to get things done when you want to do them (well, within reason, I can’t bend over or lug heavy stuff around right now).

It’s not that it’s Oliver’s fault that I don’t have the freedom that I used to. In fact, it’s really mine. I only see the kid like 2 hours a weekday. If I use that time to make a nice dinner, clean the kitchen or tidy the living room, then what kind of parent am I? That time is for him to have a quick dinner, to play, to run around, to have a bath, to look at books, to say goodnight to the frogs in the pond – and my preference is that we spend that time with him. So it’s really my choice that he is the priority and the rest of the stuff that I’d love to do comes way down the list. Because especially these days, way higher up on the list is parking my butt on the couch and not moving for the entire evening.

So although this week is a welcome break from normal routine, that has involved the ability to hang out with friends, go shopping when I feel like it, get some extra sleep and get around to random tasks around the house that have been ignored for ages, I do miss them!


Phew, 5 hours without cable/internet/telephone has just come to an end. Back in touch with the world. Can now resume proper couch surfing with full entertainment. Think I need a hot drink and some baked goods to make me feel better…