Monday, September 3, 2007

I put a holiday debrief on the main blog. But mainly, Oliver had a great time. And we had lots of time with him. And he was having a language explosion last week, which was entertaining. He was obsessed with shoes and feet (because putting on shoes equals going out to the playground). I caught him mid-word:
He’s starting saying something like ‘where’d it go?’ when looking for toys or books or shoes or whatever (it seems he’s always on the search for something). He got to see an owl (one of his favourite words) in person during a birds of prey demonstration, and learned to differentiate (and say the word) seagulls from other birds. Yes, Oliver can accurately idenitify and name different warm-blooded vertebrate of the class Aves, but can not say MUMMY!!!

Mealtimes were slightly stressful, but we learned to coordinate our dinners with his children’s program, in order to stuff food in him first (from the children’s buffet, a very handy feature) and then ditch him at program so we could eat in peace. Ah, a warm main course. Such pleasures I forgot existed.

Number 2 seems fine, very active. My legs often don’t fit into my hips properly quite often. But I’ve managed to get back to getting some sleep through the help of ranitidine. I did my research before buying it over the counter. Then I asked my doctor about prescribing it and she refused, saying I should just keep taking a lot of Tums. You know what? I wanted to kill her. Having to wake up every 2 hours to take another Tums or 2 is ridiculous. Thank god for the drugs.

My mother is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday. I really don’t enjoy being the centre of attention so this is all quite embarrassing, but I think it will also focus us and make me realize that I better start getting my butt in gear about preparing. I mean, I know a newborn can sleep in a drawer, but I probably should have like some diapers or something on hand now, right? And we need to go buy that big boy bed for Oliver and see if he can handle it. Just think of the preparation that was undertaken last time…how negligent can I get.

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