Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We visited the hospital we are planning on using yesterday, and were pretty impressed. The first thing to note was that procedure seemed to be exactly the same as it had been in the UK (e.g call first, criteria to think about before calling, etc.) so it’s not too much new stuff to learn (which is useful when you have fewer brain cells than back then). The ‘family birthing suite’ is newly constructed- meaning that labour and delivery didn’t smell like a hospital at all. I had no post-traumatic symptoms walking in, as I had expected. It’s shiny and new and high tech and there’s a rather large jacuzzi tub in every room. Woo hoo! I could live there.

Alas the maternity ward is not updated or shiny or new, but the good news is that I should be able to at least get a semi-private room. The ward room (4 person) we saw was really small. They don’t have enough private rooms so it’s unlikely I’ll get one of those.

The most hilarious thing were the questions first time parents were asking on the tour. It’s mean, as I said to Mark, as we used to be that naive. But the best part was when someone asked ‘how can the baby be roomed in with you when you’ll be too tired to look after it?’. The woman doing the tour is like, hello, welcome to the rest of your life! We were cracking up. Alarming was the hospitals’ 50% c-section rate. Interesting was the way she would only discuss breastfeeding and not bottle/formula use. Oh so political, childbirth/ labour/parenting/everything.

And guess who’s been sleeping in a twin bed since nap time on Saturday without incident? I was worried, after reading how many blogs, about difficult transitions from cribs to big-boy-beds. Oliver kind of didn’t really notice. That and he’s enjoying his Thomas the Tank Engine sheet set my parents got him (and matching blanket we got him). We bought this and Mark built it so that the top bunk has become his normal not-a-bunk-bed, with the built-in guard rail all around it. The bottom bunk, when assembled, is another spare bed. Or future other big-boy-bed. So at least number 2 has somewhere to sleep now.

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