Tuesday, September 18, 2007
  • I have trouble finding things I want to eat when I am pregnant. I additionally have trouble getting off my butt at the moment, even more so than usual. So lunch, every day, has been an uninspiring and expensive trip to the cafeteria downstairs. Today, however, was Mexican day and I just had this surprisingly great I-don’t-remember-what-it-was-called-except-it-started-with-an-‘h’-Beavertail-type savoury fried pastry topped with beans, chicken with green salsa, and all kinds of wonderful condiments (sour cream, guac, tomatoes, feta). It was really good. I am shocked. They must have an authentic Mexican chef down there somewhere. Also, it was a decent meal for $4.99. Score.
  • Last time I was pregnant, I was trapped in England craving Taco Bell. This time I have ready access to Taco Bell and NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to cross its threshold. The thought just turns my stomach. Again, enjoying that Mexican lunch I just had was surprising. But also what I just ate does not resemble a squashed soft taco in any way.
  • I’m sitting at my desk listening very quietly to The Shin’s Wincing the Night Away album. I am addicted to the song Phantom Limb. Addicted.

Edited to add: Okay, lunch was good, but now I’m snacking on Rolaids. Heartburn sucks. Need another ranitidine but they are at home.

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  1. Sometimes I Wonder Says:

    Ohhhh I love Mexican food. I want some now!

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