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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I think I’ve realised that I am now mentally prepared for an infant, as I am desperate for anything to divert my attention away from the 2 things consuming my mind for the past few days –

  1. Why the hell has Sami Brady been in hospital with her twins after a successful homebirth like a week ago, ably assisted by her mother Dr Marlena Evans? There was no complications, there’s nothing wrong with any of them, and yet she lays in a hospital bed and the babies seem to spend most of their time in a nursery. Who writes Days of Our Lives? What decade do you live in?
  2. Why the hell didn’t they use the Clear Spring parking garage collapse to kill off some people on the Young and the Restless? Come on, instead we get Victoria in a coma after a small rock falls on her head? And they don’t know why? And there’s nothing wrong with her unborn baby?

Oh yes, I need a new hobby quick. Like full time, devastatingly tiring newborn care so that I am sure to take naps between 1-2 and 4:30-5:30 and I don’t subject myself to such television garbage.

[Who I am kidding, naps? Have I forgotten that when baby sleeps, you get stuff done around the house?!]