Monday, October 22, 2007

We did it – Oliver got his first hair cut. I am sad. It probably should have just been a trim, rather than a full loss of curls.


And after…

(he was so obsessed with that apple, had to pry it from him after a few hours of carrying it around and continually covering it in dog hair)

I forgot to mention last time that not only is he talking more, and more clearly, he’s also singing. I mean, he’s not got the words right a lot of of the time, but we can actually tell by the tune what he’s going on about. He has a pretty big repertoire – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Frere Jacques, Baby Bumble Bee (not sure of the title, but you end up eating the bee), Old Macdonald Had a Farm, Row Row Row Your Boat. It’s just come on suddenly, which is weird, but good. He also likes to get in on the hand actions with some of them. And he’ll spontaneously break into song, like this morning as Mark was getting him ready for daycare, I could hear him on the baby monitor. Too funny.

We’ve also got the beginnings of the alphabet (in sing song form) and counting going on. Pretty good stuff.

Yesterday, we clued in to a North American ritual and took him to a pumpkin patch. He’s been going on about pumpkins for a few weeks (no doubt being October, they are talking about them at daycare), so he really freaked out yesterday with excitement. And carried his little pumpkin in his car seat as we left. But then we had to take it away when he started eating the stalk – what can you do, he reminds us that he’s still just a baby in a lot of ways.


Still pregnant, nothing to update on that front.

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