early days

Friday, November 16, 2007

It’s the dance of new parents – baby is sleeping, what should I do? So many options. Sleep, eat, use the toilet, have a shower, let the dog out for a pee, do laundry, wash dishes, just sit and enjoy your coffee, blog? All of these things are appealing. And you never know how long you are going to have.

It’s easier this time, though (well, at least during the day when I am home alone with Callum). I probably don’t jump up as quickly, and I am definitely not worried about every noise or whatever. It feels safer to be slightly more selfish this time.

So I am blogging, drinking lukewarm coffee, and I’m dressed. This is good. I’ve also had some breakfast. I haven’t been eating as well as I should as I haven’t been eating very much this week, at a time when I should be eating more than normal. So yesterday, after driving to the municipal office to register his birth, I got myself some slightly more convenient foods (e.g. ranch dip to go with carrot sticks) so I am make sure I am eating something vaguely nutritious – rather than living on ice water. I seem to be managing to provide us all with dinner – it’s just during the day that I am neglecting my food intake.

Oliver is being a textbook toddler with new baby in the house. I was surprised that he wasn’t surprised to meet his brother – like we had actually managed to prepare him about the baby on the way. Times like that I realize he’s smarter than he lets on.


So he oscillates between giving him kisses and wanting to console him when he cries, to trying to squash his limbs and getting jealous when Mummy holds the baby. These are all things I expected. He got gifts from Callum, and from my parents, and that obviously helps with change when there’s something new and fun to play with. He’s also had an ear infection this week, which has meant he’s been more miserable than normal anyway, and his routine was out of whack at the beginning of the week with lots of family visiting. I think as we achieve some sense of routine in this house, he’ll be fine. Still early days though.

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