Sunday, November 18, 2007

Probably the first of many, many comparisons (2 boys, same clothes, it’s easy).



Oliver first, then Callum. Same jacket, same age. When I hold Callum, he seems so tiny, and he still has really skinny legs like Oliver did. But then I look at this and realize just how different in size they are. Callum is still really scrunched in as well – he obviously really did want to stay in the womb, he still prefers the fetal position. God, Oliver really was minuscule.

My scale is off completely, anyway. I could still sometimes pick up Oliver right up until the end of pregnancy. Now I am groaning with his weight. And his hands and legs and everything seems so massive!

Everyone in the house is asleep except me. Yes, I probably should be napping, but at a time like this, freedom is a little too precious. And it gives me time to ask a burning question.

Yep, it’s time for my regularly scheduled post natal breakdown. It started on Friday night when Mark brought Oliver home from daycare.

<deep breath>

What the hell am I going to do in 2 weeks when I have Oliver at home 2 days a week?

How am I going to take care of both of them at the same time?

Believe me, I am acutely aware that there are people, saints actually, who choose to be stay-at-home parents, who do it all the time. And have to do it more than 2 days a week!! But considering how much trouble we are having keeping Oliver happy on weekends when we are both here, I don’t know how to cope.

All I can see is that the first thing that is going to have to go is Callum taking 1 to 2 hours, sometimes, to feed. I can’t be sitting on my butt for 2 hours while Oliver runs around the house drawing on walls and sticking his fingers in outlets. I can’t see any other way than to bottle feed while I have both of them on my own.

And considering that winter is pretty much here, easy activities that I can handle taking them both to, like the playground, go out the window. What do people do? Oliver doesn’t sit still, except for maybe 15 minutes for the Teletubbies.


4 Responses to “help”

  1. jamsideup Says:

    I’m tired, so I’ll make this really brief…

    When Eph was born Zi was 17 months. We made sure that she was completely locked in a kid friendly zone at all times. We had a gate in the hallway and one in the kitchen so that she could only be in the living room, and that was entirely kid friendly.

    It was the only way we could survive, honestly. And don’t forget, the more you boob feed, the faster he’ll get.

    You can do it!!

  2. jamsideup Says:

    Okay, I have one more wee little tip…

    So that he doesn’t get bored with his toys, pack away about 3/4 of them, and rotate them in and out every few weeks. That way it’s alike all new toys but for no cost!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hey, don’t feel bad! I only have Jack one day a week, and that’s enough to make me insane sometimes. I was also just talking to a friend about what to do with two kiddies in the winter months. I’m stumped.

    Some things I’ve been doing:
    -visit mummy friends (i.e. toddlers entertain each other while mummies drink tea and eat cake.)
    -go to soft play centres (i.e. toddler runs around like a lunatic, sleeps well that night, mummy gets to drink tea and eat cake.)
    -go to toddler play groups, storytimes, etc. (they don’t usually have cake, though.)
    -go to farms, aquariums, anything that will keep Jack occupied while Mia is in the sling or stroller (preferably somewhere that has cake.)
    -stick on a video. Eat cake.

    Hang in there, hon. xx

  4. Jen Says:

    Hey, new digs! Like it.

    And congratulations!!!! BEEEAUTIFUL!

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