Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We had a rough night last night. Probably the worst so far. The kid is hungry and apparently I wasn’t meeting demands. Last night was so rough my day started at noon. I used to enjoy sleeping in till the late hours. Not that you can call what I did today sleeping in (as it entailed about 4 hours of sleep), but I feel groggy and useless and the day is almost over and that’s not nice.

So there are many random thoughts in my head and I can’t string too many of them together to put into action…

  • What I’ve learned from all the helpful mums (commentators and others, thank you) is that unfortunately there is no easy answer to entertaining Oliver, but I need to have a plan and get my act together. This will involve finding activities (indoors) we can do, getting some supplies (need to buy that special Crayola paper), and possibly spending some money. We didn’t get a double stroller. Should we have? I might get him a proper table and chairs that he can sit at and colour and do whatever. I think I need to plan my day like I am running a daycare for one. I think I will even be brave and put out a call on some websites for potential playgroups or whatever (we don’t exactly live in a communicative and family-friendly neighbourhood). And sometimes I’ll have to pay some attention to Callum! I think there is going to be some tears on all our parts, though…
  • The snow is coming. Big storm tonight. Ugh.
  • I thought Oliver would be happy when he came home last night that Callum was asleep in the sling on my chest, that I could pay him some attention. Instead, as he was cranky and tired anyway, he completely freaked out and wouldn’t let me do anything with him or for him. Joy.
  • There are quite a few people who don’t know how to pronounce Callum. It’s so interesting to me that it’s the 13th most popular boys baby name in England and Wales, and 3rd in Scotland, but it totally does not exist here. I mean, there’s very few Olivers here either but at least people have heard of it! The story on Callum’s name is that it’s about all Mark and I could compromise on. His idea of a baby name is Thomas, James, etc. My idea of a baby name is Finn, Quinn, Max, etc. He was almost a Julian – I wasn’t sure, nearing the end, about how Scottish Callum sounds as we aren’t really Scottish. But I am getting used to it. It’s so hard, the naming thing. The middle names, John and Stewart, are after our father’s (both Mark and his dad have the middle name John, and my dad is Stewart – Oliver’s middle names are after our grandfathers).
  • Ikea is having a ‘don’t pay for one year’ offer, which is appealing when you are barely getting paid until a year from now, and I am desperate to turn this room I am sitting in now into a library. With wall to wall bookshelves, a proper desk and chair (I am using a little kitchen table that I had when I was a student, with a chair that makes my butt turn numb if I sit here too long) – it’s desperate for a makeover. Now if only I could sit down and plan out my Billy configuration, we’d be in business…
  • We were considering getting a nanny from October 2008, as it’s a lot cheaper than having 2 kids in daycare around here. And we have the space for a live-in nanny, in fact we have the intention of turning a good chunk of the basement into an apartment. And it’d be neat to get a British au pair – I’ve been in touch with some who are interested. But Oliver’s daycare just made us an offer, which means getting a nanny and 2 kids in daycare is going to be about the same price. I am really tempted by the daycare offer as it means they will both be out of the house doing lots of busy activities. It’s difficult to do that from home as we don’t even have a park to walk to. And that daycare, being a giant evil for-profit business, is very good at being open ALL THE TIME and only turning kids away when they are truly sick and infectious. Decisions. Decisions that require an Excel spreadsheet and number crunching – when to get to them?!?
  • My goal for today was going to be to get dressed and get Callum in the Baby Bjorn and take the poor dog for a walk. The poor dog – I mean, Piper is thrilled not to be home alone for 10 hours a day as she is when we are working. But she is still being neglected. I can’t let her outside as much as she wants. I think she must have read my mind – she just stuck her nose into my hip and tried to kiss me. But time is getting on and I need to worry about what to feed the men when they come in for dinner and I am so tired…

Hey, maybe if I stopped writing about this stuff and actually did some of it, I could stop complaining about my lack of action! Silly woman.

3 Responses to “randomness”

  1. Guy Davis Says:

    It’s strange that Callum doesn’t register on the popularity charts in the US. Callum is used in Canada and Australia which makes sense since we’re a bit closer to the UK in our naming trends than the US.

  2. jamsideup Says:


    Take a breath! You just had a BABY! Stop planning and just go with it, seriously. You will be fine. Oliver will be fine. Baby will be fine. Mark will… well, he’ll squeeze in there somewhere! ha!

    Thinking of you!

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