Time to update the dictionary

Monday, November 26, 2007


Taking an almost 2 year old and a 2 week old to a Wal-Mart portrait studio on a Saturday morning for passport photos. And then getting staff to get your children to meet Passport Canada’s photo criteria. Literally, hours of hell. Eyes open, mouth closed, no hands showing?? Good luck.


The person who didn’t read the passport application for children, who thought that things still existed for us under old rules and that we had to run around the province trying to find a guarantor that could sign it who was either my old dentist who I haven’t seen in years, or my lawyer uncle who lives 2 hours away. Me, that is. Luckily my parents like to read things closely and pointed out that either of them can act as guarantor. Of course, if we didn’t have to run around getting an emergency passport for a 2 week old child, that would be helpful too.


  • Organizing our wedding photos into an album after 2.5 years of managing to not do it
  • Getting that giant Billy Ikea order made and delivered with relatively little pain (ooh, I can not wait for our library/office to be set up)
  • Currently cooking for dinner one of my favourite meals that I make – Annabel Karmel’s turkey meatballs and pasta

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