How many strollers does one family need?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I did it – I just ordered an ugly yet practical double stroller. It goes against my inner desire to be a yummy mummy to have a Graco DuoGlider, but in our current state of finances, I had to go cheap and cheerful rather than stylish and the cause of stroller envy. Plus it was on special at Sears, and Mark’s office gave us a very generous Sears gift card. Bringing our total number of pushchairs owned to 5. Oh my god. We started with the Urban Detour 3 wheeler from Mothercare (big and bulky but easy to push and great for when Oliver was an infant), then we got an umbrella stroller (a Mothercare Jive in blue) for travelling that we left in England for trips back, then I splurged on the Quinny Zapp which we still use for Oliver (and which I still love – easy and lightweight to fold up, but not great in winter weather), and then we inherited another umbrella stroller which we found in the garage here. And this doesn’t take our other modes of travel into account – the Baby Bjorn, the Hot Mama sling, and the MEC backpack carrier. I think possibly I should sell the Urban Detour. But then it will be useful on days I don’t have both of them. So instead we just keep collecting them…

Oh yeah, I did survive yesterday. Because Mark worked from home. So it was sort of like just another weekend day. So Thursday is my first real test. I have found 2 playgroups to try out starting in January, one for each morning I have both of them – which will be fantastic. Hopefully. I hate attending that sort of thing, both for probably singing silly songs and having to stick my neck out to socialize with people I don’t know, but I’ll do it for my sanity. Because Oliver locked in this house all day is madness-inducing for the both of us. And god he loves to sing.

It’s December 4th, which means – holy crap – Callum is almost a month old. Have we already almost survived a month? I used to say that I hated the newborn time, because I really did with Oliver. Now I know better. Newborns are easy. Newborns just cry and eat and poop and sleep. TODDLERS suck. Our entire world revolves around not getting Oliver upset right now. Because god forbid you say the wrong thing and he has a giant tantrum. Or we mention something that he likes but we don’t have it to hand that exact second. The energy that we are expending trying to keep him happy is incredible. This is why having him at home freaks me out so much. I would much rather pay daycare lots and lots of money to keep him entertained – and we could have him back when he’s grown up a little more! Can I ship him somewhere??


Here’s Callum last night. Almost a smile going on there. Wearing something Oliver wore when he was 3 months old. I can’t believe how well this child fills out 0-3 month clothing.

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