Sick is good, sometimes

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Turns out there’s another good way to have a decent day hanging out with both boys. Oliver was sick yesterday – so sick he woke up at 6am crying, but didn’t get out of bed until 8:30am. As Mark said when I shared this, “that’s a result!” Because we are that evil that we are jumping for joy when fever turns up. Anyway, we eventually got him to the doctor and for once it’s not an ear infection. Obviously just some nasty bug that made him feel horrid, but put him at the right speed for me. We didn’t even need to leave the house! I got out his new easel and some chalk and he had a good time with that.

I am spending this week trying to get all the last minute stuff done before our UK trip on Friday night. There are many reasons that this trip is going to be stressful, least of all the flights with a toddler that can’t sit still (but does have his own seat for the first time) and a newborn. And then when we get there, there’s all the travelling around in the car in traffic and making sure that everyone gets seen.

Things to look forward to? Monsoon vouchers that have been burning a hole in my…well, I haven’t carried them in my pocket for a year, but have instead kept them safely in a file – hope to spend them in the sales. A green Christmas (hopefully). Tesco (sad but true). And actually having Mark around for 2.5 weeks instead of having him at work or working at home. He had 4 weeks off when Oliver was born. The only time he’s had off so far was the actual day that Callum was born.

So Callum – I haven’t really been blogging about the poor baby, have I? He’s fine. He’s getting heftier and heftier – but we don’t go back to the doctor until he’s 2 months old so I have no idea how much he weighs. I seem to be able to get stretches of sleep at night, between 1-3 hours at a time, and he seems to be eating less at night than he used to – sort of snacks, and then goes back to sleep fairly easily. I can’t get him to take a dummy, which is slightly disappointing. But he does seem to be fairly good at settling himself down. He has a lot of gas, and a lot of it seems trapped in there, and he also spits up a hell of a lot more than Oliver did. I am often covered in it. I was beginning to suspect some kind of lactose intolerance or something, until I did some reading up online and found out how rare that would be at this point. So I guess it’s just normal. It’s a lot easier this time, a lot more relaxed in general – not because I think he’s easier than Oliver (I think he’s fussier), but just because he’s number 2 and we can all calm down a bit. Plus there’s that damn toddler to deal with!!!

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