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Thursday, January 31, 2008
  • Yesterday afternoon, I scheduled two doctor’s appointments back to back – one for Callum, one for Oliver. Because Callum was sick, he never had his proper 2 month check up and immunizations, so we did those. Then it was Oliver’s turn for a 2 year check up, immunization catch up, and I wanted the doctor to look at his skin as he’s got all these spots and dry patches everywhere. She didn’t have a lot to say on that – I think it’s his mild infant eczema that’s reared its head in the dry and cold. I had thought that he was going to have to have his second MMR shot, as he only had the first one and that one was late (the card indicates you need 2; one at 12 months and one at 18 months) – but the doctor said they prefer to give it at 4 years old. Great stuff, no screaming from a needle. Except then she remembered he should probably have a chicken pox vaccine. Post-screaming of both needle-in-thigh children was buffet and ice cream at Mandarin; all was then well. (Thankfully Mark was home yesterday and we could wrangle both of them in the doctor’s office). And Callum seems to have had no reaction from his, so that’s good. Oliver weighs 30 pounds and Callum is going on 16. I think I probably shouldn’t be worried about Oliver being a bit rough on Callum because pretty soon Callum is going to be able to beat up Oliver. He’s definitely going to be bigger than him.
  • I’m not happy with how Callum is still spitting up quite a lot despite being on thickened formula, and I do actually struggle now to get him to drink it (not because it’s too thick, I think he possibly just doesn’t like it and I haven’t really had a lot of luck with it since he was sick). So we’ve been referred for an upper GI tract x-ray. I’m not really sure why we aren’t just getting baby Gaviscon or something (which is what I was told he should have by Mark’s sister – a junior doctor – and Mark’s cousin – a paeds nurse), but whatever.
  • We are finally getting started on improving this house with a small step – we are replacing a very large window and patio doors in the family room, the room we spend the most time in. The windows in there are in the worst shape in the house – drafty and mouldy. We can’t afford to replace all the old windows right now, but at least it’s a start.
  • I am SO glad that Lost starts again tonight. The state of tv right now, with the writer’s strike never ending, is atrocious. There’s very little to watch in the evenings, and when you have a small child to feed, what else is there to do?!