Never been so happy to be home

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We’re back, somehow all in one piece, no one missing any limbs or anything. Yesterday was slightly nightmarish, a neverending day that started for me at 4:30am UK time and ended at 9:30pm Ontario time, which is 22 hours awake, which is not really that fun. And the flight was sooooo long, 10 hours stuck in a tin (we stopped in Montreal and didn’t move for 2 hours or more). But Oliver could have been worse on the flight. And Callum was pretty easy. So I’ll attempt to focus on the positive.

The good things about the trip?

I’m grasping a little. I am happy with my sale purchases at Monsoon, 2 cardigans and a sweater dress/long top (I don’t know which it is!). I also got a nice necklace from some random shop I’d never been to. But shopping at Milton Keynes didn’t exactly go to plan, with small windows of time in which to accomplish too much. So there was lots more I wanted to buy, like M&S knickers and Office or Dolci or even Clarks shoes, and didn’t get a chance to.

Oliver had a great time with both sets of his grandparents.

Oliver and Callum were very spoiled, and we managed to bring most of it back within our pathetic baggage allowance.

I got to see some great Christmas telly, like the Doctor Who special, and the last Extras.

I bought Heat magazine and read it while eating McVitties milk chocolate digestives. A little slice of heaven right there.

And that’s about all I can say on the good front. I should have been at home, with a newborn baby, really. I should have been able to get to my doctor when we all got a stomach bug and Callum didn’t eat and didn’t really wake up for 12 hours (though NHS service was good when we took him to A&E, it’s not really the same as going to a doctor that knows you and him). And he’s got reflux that’s gotten worse and I had to wait until today to get some medical advice. I should have been able to sleep in my own bed, and feed him comfortably, rather than in strange houses always using a nursing cover that Callum seems to react against. But anyway, it’s over, and now at least I can spend some time getting some semblance of a routine established instead of having to prepare and run around for the trip, like I was for half of December.

It’s bloody cold (-26 celcius with windchill today) and we had to walk through literally 5 foot of snow to get into the house and the house already looks like a bomb hit it (we did actually leave it pretty clean) but I am happy to be here.

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