Tuesday, January 8, 2008
  • We are having a major January thaw. Last week it was -13 degrees; this week it’s +13 degrees. It’s nice to wear a light coat. But it’s not nice for the melting snow to uncover piles of dog crap everywhere, right where I need to walk. When we got home from the UK, there was literally 5 foot of snow on the driveway, so Piper wasn’t wandering very far to do her business. If I was feeling virtuous, as Callum is asleep and it’s my time, I would go and shovel it away. Instead I blog. Oh well.
  • Callum and I visited my office today and it was lovely to see everyone. And step back in to the real world for a brief time. They all said how good I looked and how cute he was, so we enjoyed the ego boost too. I haven’t been in since October and I do miss it. And he was a champ all day today. Also I slept well last night.
  • I’m going to try one of Rachel Ray’s recipes for dinner tonight, for the first time. I can’t decide whether I like her or hate her. I mean, generally she’s over the top. But I mean cooking-wise, I can’t decide if I like what she does or not. I mean, she’s not a chef, she’s just a person who likes to cook (which I can obviously relate to). So this pasta recipe, with tuna and flavoured breadcrumbs – it’s Mark’s kind of thing, so I’ll give it a go.
  • I am truly addicted to Scrabulous on Facebook – even though everyone is kicking my ass!!
  • Mark is going to Montreal for a day and a half on business tomorrow. This makes me angry. Have these companies not heard of teleconferences??

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