Callum update: 2 months old; Oliver at 2 years old

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Callum at 2 months old

Where have the weeks gone? Oh yes, many of them spent dealing with jetlag and excessive spit up in England. Anyway, generally Callum is doing very well and is a pretty straightforward baby. He wakes up, he eats, he now spends some awake time looking around and even swatting at toys, and then he goes to sleep. We’re still combination feeding, and he’s now on thickened Enfamil for formula as per my doctor’s orders. This has reduced his spit up in the last week, although he’s still doing it. I think his reflux is generally better though – he was crying a lot before he did it, indicating he was in pain, and that has mostly stopped now. So she may order some tests to investigate, or she might leave it.
I think he’s getting Oliver’s current cold, so we didn’t have a great night last night – lots of short spells of crying in between short spells of sleeping. But generally we seem to be moving towards lots of sleeping, and much less eating, and no pooping, at night – which is all good.
He doesn’t seem to have suffered any head injuries from Oliver yet, but there is no way I can ever leave them alone together – Oliver’s just too rough on him. He pokes him hard in the head, squeezes his hands and feet, and likes to try to put his dummy in his mouth with a little force. I thought it was slightly malicious at first, but I do actually think he’s showing interest and love even possibly – but he hasn’t learned to be gentle yet.
I don’t know how much he weighs until we get to his 2 month appointment sometime soon, but it’s a lot – this kid is still huge. He’s now in 3-6 month clothing, which just astounds me. And I sort of grunt when I pick him up – it takes effort!
Overall, he’s quite good, and when I have him on my own, it’s easy. When his brother is around, that’s a different story…

Oliver at 2 years old

There’s not a lot of new things happening with Oliver – but what he does, he does better and better all the time. In the 2.5 weeks that we spent in England, we got that first hand view of watching his vocabulary grow and grow. There almost isn’t anything that he doesn’t have a word for now. It’s actually possible to have a conversation with him, and have him express his preferences. He likes to order us around – ‘stop it Mummy’; ‘sit down there’; ‘get up!’. But he is also actually often polite – ‘more fish crackers please’. He loves to sing, and recite his alphabet and numbers up to 20. It’s mostly just the repetition of sounds for him, but he can properly count up to three now. As in, he can accurately count three sheep in a book, or three boats in the bath. He still doesn’t stop moving and he’s still cheeky as hell and it’s really hard to keep up with his energy and need for entertainment. That’s what makes my Mondays and Thursdays and weekends so hard – keeping up with Oliver while trying to even pay a minimal amount of attention to Callum. When he’s good, he’s really good and cute and funny. He is seriously funny. And when he’s bad, he really pushes boundaries and is willful as hell and loves a tantrum. Thankfully distraction mostly works.

As our holiday included both Christmas and Oliver’s 2nd birthday, and catching up with lots of people, it seemed like Oliver was opening presents everyday. And it got to a point where Mark couldn’t open his own birthday presents without Oliver freaking out, and we came home to requests of ‘more presents??’. I have finally quelled it, and what’s going to happen this weekend?? My family is finally getting together for a belated Christmas and knowing my parents, the boys have been thoroughly spoiled. Hopefully I will manage to keep some of the new stuff out of his sight, and continue doing toy rotation on the days he’s at home to keep his interest up. We actually haven’t even given him all the stuff we bought him yet, so I can save it for emergency play situations. I am looking forward to seeing what he does with Mr Potato Head; perhaps I’ll pull that out tomorrow.

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