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Don’t Jolly Jump to conclusions

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I should know, being a second time parent, not to make conclusions about my children as they will soon prove me wrong. Callum does like his Jolly Jumper, and he has basically continued sleeping through from roughly 10:30 or 11 until 6:30 or 7:30. At which point he snacks with his eyes closed, and sleeps again until 9am. It’s pretty good.

However, yesterday I was tempted to turf him against a wall as he wouldn’t nap for more than 20 minutes at a time, and I am trying to clean the house up for visitors this weekend. Also just because I am always trying to clean up the house and it just always defeats me. Anyway, yesterday, he once again proved me wrong as he was downing bottles like they were going out of style. Some kind of growth spurt, when you demand an extra 10oz of formula and who knows how much extra milk from your mother. So I’m not going to say he prefers to be breastfed. No more such pronouncements from me.

In other news, Mark had both his RBC Visas ‘compromised’, with someone running up a very nice bill on one of them, including a new Apple computer, a suit from Harry Rosen and a meal that cost thousands of dollars. Hey, you got good taste, thief! Luckily it’s 2008 and this happens and Mark is not responsible for paying for these lovely items that someone else is enjoying.

We were supposed to have our new window and patio door in today, but it’s absolutely frigid and the installer won’t work in this weather. We have to wait another month for him to be available again.

Photos, just because.

I like this one.
Jolly Jumper-ing.
Two brothers hanging out, pre-Oliver’s second hair cut of his life.
Callum has always had the best sad face – he has the fattest lip ever!
Bath time, post-Oliver’s hair cut.