Give dummy. Easter Bunny. Presents.

Friday, March 7, 2008

We’re going to say goodbye to some dear old friends this weekend.


First of all, we meant to get rid of these things ages ago; I don’t really know what happened. When Oliver started daycare in January 2007, he wasn’t actually all that attached to his ‘dummies’, and so we sent one with him just in case, but they never used it. So he’s been successfully napping at daycare for over a year without using it. At home, he would NEVER have a nap without it.

Lately, just in the last couple of weeks, he seems EXTRA attached to his dummies, like he’s in some kind of obsessive relationship with them. He has to go and visit it in his bed (he keeps them there as they’re the only place they’ve been allowed since he was about 1), just to suck on them a couple of times, and then he’s fine again. And he’s started asking for it when he falls down and hurts himself. And he likes to talk about them.

So I don’t know, I guess we just got fed up. So we started talking about them, too. And just suddenly decided to tell him that the Easter Bunny is going to bring him lots of gifts if he gives the Easter Bunny his dummies. Conveniently, there was a rather good sale at Toys R Us when I started planning this, and I bought him a nice set of brooms and mops and dustpans (no I’m not making him clean the house; it’s one of his current obsessions). Also, we went to the Dollar Store, where I don’t always like to get him things as I am sure they are full of lead and not really properly tested but they had Diego slippers for $1! And Diego sippy cups and mugs! And a Little People colouring and sticker book! And lots of other cool things that only cost a dollar! He doesn’t really watch Diego but he does know who he is. So I was pretty impressed with the haul.

And it turns out that the Easter Bunny will be making public appearances in the manner of Santa Claus at our local mall starting today. How convenient!

In a twist to the story, I did some reading up about getting toddlers to give up their pacifiers yesterday. And I found that lots of people cut a hole in them and the kids would be upset about them ‘breaking’ but would get over it. I couldn’t help myself; I cut a giant hole in one of them before he went to bed. I don’t know what it was, but I sort of enjoyed the evilness of it. And boy was he upset last night. Just sobbing because it clearly wasn’t giving him the pleasure that it normally does. But we read some extra books, and eventually he went to sleep like normal and didn’t wake up at all in the night.

So I think tomorrow morning, a rather confused dude dressed up in a bunny suit is going to receive some old bits of plastic (and I mean old; these are his dummies from when he was like 6 months old!) and in return Oliver will get a big bag of toys and he’ll probably forever associate rabbits with trauma. Oh well. I mean, he’s having a tantrum about EVERYTHING these days (having a cup with a lid; having his food cut by anyone other than him; having a banana peeled before it’s handed to him; what IS IT about toddlerhood??), we might has well have him be upset about it now while we can manage it with the rest of the terrible two’s.

On the positive side? Several rambunctious choruses of NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED yesterday, and a very new obsession with In the Night Garden, which just started on Canadian tv. I wake up in the night with “yes my name is Iggle Piggle, Iggle Piggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle” stuck in my head. He won’t stop talking about Makka Pakka and the Ninky Nonk. I’m hoping he’s going to be over it before he sees all the Night Garden toys in England when we are there in July!

One Response to “Give dummy. Easter Bunny. Presents.”

  1. Nemma Says:

    Sorry, know I shouldnt laugh but this just sounds like my two. Luke has suddenly become obbsessed with his dummy, No matter how much I try, he just keeps finding them!
    Lukes also going through the “My want to do it” stage. He’s 21 months old and is so stubborn its unreal…… I swear to god if he thought he could change his own nappy he would do! lol.
    We got rid of bottles at christmas as father christmas took them for the other children. Bribarys always a good idea lol

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