And yes, it was horrible.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So it turns out that hiding under that virus was a baby that, like, does stuff. Callum giggles heartily, with a dimpled mustache. He blows raspberries. And he enjoys applesauce and Farley’s biscuits. He likes to have conversations, making all kinds of different noises, and is seriously teething – he could injure someone with the force of his gummy bite! Who knew.

Oliver turned into a crazy person on Sunday afternoon after eating about 20 chocolate mini eggs. Like CRAZY. Screaming, running, manic crazy. Thankfully slept it off (after 20 minutes of bedtime hysterics) and is back to normal.

I should be unpacking and tidying and making dinner. Instead I am catching up on a long weekend of missed emails and blogs and all sorts. Okay, I MUST go and make dinner now before Oliver and Mark get home. Trying a new recipe of thai-ish chicken meatballs and noodles. Sort of scared it’s going to be horrible, but it’s similar in flavouring to something I used to make in England with ground pork. So what the hell, we’ll see how it is. And as Oliver is a complete carnivore lately, he just wants all meat all the time, this should satisfy him.

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