Friday, March 28, 2008

It’s probably a little too optimistic of me, wearing a dress and sandals today. But it just seems like I’ve been bundling up in winter gear too long. The sun is warm. It’s just that there is still a bunch of snow to melt away. I feel like life is going to get a little better when we can get to a playground. Maybe.

I can wear summery clothing today as I’m not going anywhere, though. My Volvo’s in for a rather expensive service so I’m housebound for the time being.

The whole house seems warmer. Perhaps because we just eliminated a major source of drafts.

We moved into this house a year ago. On our one year anniversary, earlier this month, our real estate agent stopped by with a lovely plant and congratulations card. Ashamedly, I told her I couldn’t invite her in as we were currently living in a bomb site, oh and we hadn’t actually made any of the improvements we had discussed with her. She was understanding; she didn’t know that we had since had another child until she turned up.

But we finally have done something. We got the patio door and a large picture window replaced. They really needed it. And we’re really happy with the result.



Now, to tackle the 50 million other projects that I would love to start on…

(oh, sorry, no spare income, children to raise, blah blah blah)

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