Not today

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I was going to blog about some dumb crap, like thank god it’s 14 degrees, and I spent too much at the dollar store today because it sucks me in to buying stuff I wouldn’t even buy due it all being only one dollar, and whatever.

But first I did my blog trawl, my scan of my favourite reads. The funny mums, the expat Canadians, the odds and ends, and my favourite of all, the funny expat Canadian mums (yes it might be a specialized category, but there are a few!!). Off the top of my head, Lisa, Catwoman, Jen – I guess it’s my own bias of having Oliver in England that makes them especially interesting to me.

And then my heart broke. Jen’s Sadie, her perfect newborn girl, has died. How can this even be true? And I just can’t even imagine. I am so desperately sorry.

I can’t blog about dumb crap when in tears.


Edited to add: okay, I now hate WordPress, I didn’t know this post was going to end up as another comment on her site, and I am sorry that is has – I have no business hijacking her comments. I’ll learn not to make a link like that.

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