Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So yesterday I bought an extra tall Avent bottle for Callum. With Oliver, I had enough supplies with 4 shorts and 4 talls, and I’ve been using them again this time (except with new nipples of course). But I can’t keep up with number 2’s appetite, so I bought another tall one. Since then I have learned that…

(a) I’ve been measuring his formula wrong the whole time as the older bottles use UK fluid ounce gradations and of course the powder here is for US fluid ounce measurements. Oops. I’m a dolt.

(b) Health Canada is about to list bisphenol A as a dangerous substance, so if I keep using them, I could be the cause of Callum’s reduced fertility and other health concerns. But, since I used them with Oliver, should they BOTH not have the same disadvantage?! Okay, just kidding, Mark and I need to have a chat about this and look into the costs of replacing every bottle with safer alternatives. Also sippy cups. It’s not cheap. And yes, I’m cheap.

We went out for dinner last Thursday, to a place branding itself as the London Pub. On the menu was ‘Westminister Pirogies’. I literally felt rage rising up inside me when I read the spelling mistake, plus that’s just really not pub food, people. I was only calmed by the vintage London Underground posters, which then made me think that would be a cool thing to hang in our house.

Every day, we all watch out the window to see what is happening with our resident ducks and geese. Last year when we moved here, we had geese lay eggs on the island in our pond, only to have them smashed by a raccoon/coyote/something when the pond froze again in a late frost. This year, we’re not sure if it’s the same couple (Canada geese mate for life), but we’ve got them around again, nesting on the island. Hoping the babies are going to make it this year – would be really cool for Oliver to get to see. Oliver says good morning to them every day. The ducks all seem to be pursuing each other – too many males chasing after females, and their antics seem to piss off the geese. It’s kind of like watching Y&R except better, really.

3 Responses to “randomness”

  1. Maria Says:

    Okay, so BPA mania has been in the back of my mind since we use Avent bottles, but reading your post threw me over the edge! I went to Babies r Us today and bought the last 5 Born Free glass bottles – consider me a convert…..

    And yes, evil plastic is in EVERYTHING baby…….

  2. Emma Says:

    Looks like we’re going with Born Free plastic. Cause Avent nipples fit them and silicon is fine, apparently. And I learned at playgroup this morning that Avent nipples fit Klean Kanteen metal bottles too. Oh my god, this is turning into a major deal in this house.

  3. EWiller Says:

    Okay, changed my mind again, looking at Gerber Gentle Flow as they are cheaper and fit Avent nipples. Jesus. I need to get off the computer and go outside.

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