plastic not so fantastic

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Okay seriously my head is spinning with all this BPA crap.

I continued to research stuff online today. I decided on Born Free plastic bottles, then changed my mind when I saw how cheap Gerber’s BPA-free line was and thought I should get those. I am thinking we need wide neck bottles as that is what Callum is used to, what I am used to.

I discussed with Mark what he thought I should do; his preference was to go with glass. I didn’t feel great about this as I know how clumsy everyone around here is, I don’t like the idea of having them smash, but I do understand that it’s better than any kind of plastic.

Mark was going flying tonight, so I stuck both boys in the car and headed out to Babies R Us first. The one closest to us is the biggest in Canada, apparently, so I knew they would have a big selection of everything.

Except not so much as they have pulled all the ones declared unsafe leaving gaping holes in their shelves, and only had tall thin glass bottles left in stock.

We then tried a small baby boutique store on the other side of the parking lot, where the selection greatly increased. They had Born Free, Green to Grow and ThinkBaby as well as a couple more in stock. I had a discussion with a salesperson, who informed me that Born Free glass bottles now only came in 5oz size as the 9oz bottles were declared too heavy by parents. They had no other wide neck glass bottles in stock. She also insisted that Avent nipples wouldn’t fit any of the other brands.

So I’ve come home with 4 9oz plastic Born Free bottles and I did a little test and the Avent nipple did seem to fit. And I’m just about to really test it as Callum is waking up for the last feed of the night. More on this later (Maria, just for you really, who the hell else cares).

But what about sterilizing them? What about the Avent sterilizer – is it bad plastic or okay plastic or will it even melt this different plastic? What about the Avent dummies he uses? My head feels like it might explode and there aren’t actually any really clear answers on the internet.


One Response to “plastic not so fantastic”

  1. polythenepam Says:

    howdy, I have been boycotting “disposable” plastic products for 18 months. Started cos I hated what it was doing to environmnet but as I find out more, worry about what it might be doing for me. I have sourced lots of plastic free alternatives. You might find them useful. Many of them are England related but hey you might move back. go to

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