how many times can I use the word evil in one post?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Okay, I am calm. Normal service has resumed around here. We have resolved our plastics issues I think.

We are now using the Born Free plastic bottles successfully topped with Avent nipples/teats/whatever yucky word fits here.

I exchanged the 6 month + Born Free ones I bought yesterday for Born Free sippy cup tops and for a Born Free bottle brush made of foam, as the instructions indicated metal brushes could ruin the bottles. I am a little skeptical, but since I just spent so much money on them, I’ll listen for now.

It was important to me to keep using the Avent tops despite how clearly evil Phillips is as Callum is used to them, and I’ve also already bought their 6 month + ones so I didn’t want to deal with feeding issues and more expense. So despite other advice, Avent and Born Free ARE compatible. It was leaking a little last night, but I realized it was because I shook it to mix the formula without all the necessary bits in place (they have way more pieces than Avent ones).

I am no longer going to sterilize. I guess it’s not really necessary. I already washed them with hot soapy water; I was particularly interested in getting them clean when Callum kept getting sick. When Oliver got sick recently, he actually didn’t get it for the first time, so I can probably relax a bit. Also, everything is starting to go in his mouth, so there’s no point in protecting him from a few extra germs.

So without sterilizing, we can live with only 4 bottles, I think (my only concern would be our UK airplane trip in July, but it’s a lot shorter flying time than December, so we’ll probably be okay). Today I bought a glass jug to keep a heap of boiled water in, which means I can just boil water once a day and wash bottles as needed. Of course, the grocery store I bought the jug from had the Gerber el cheapo bottles in stock. Damn. I had already started using the Born Free ones. I did, however, manage to successfully return the last Avent bottle I just bought, despite already using it (yes I am full on evil to a giant corporation).

And it turns out that most of Oliver’s cups and sippy cups are not-so-evil less leaching plastic. So I’m not going to do anything about those. Can’t trust him with glass, NO WAY.

So we can now return to our regularly scheduled mummy guilt, minus some polycarbonate/BPA/number 7 evil plastics… (let’s see, I fed Oliver a McDonald’s cheeseburger last night, I started Callum on solids too early, I almost never use our cotton diapers, Callum’s high chair is absolutely FILTHY and I keep forgetting to clean it, I prefer life when Oliver is in daycare, and sometimes I just let Callum cry.)

Oh, Callum’s crying. Better go. (In a minute).

He’s fine. He’s getting to try on all the summer clothes I thought he was going to grow out of before he even saw them due to this extremely warm weather. It’s hazy out there. Isn’t global warming lovely?

Lady, did you just give me a PLASTIC teether?

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