I promise, it’s the last time I talk about the damn plastic baby bottles

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So, on a tip from Karla, I packed up items from a box in the basement labeled ‘evil plastic’ and headed off to Zellers. However, my nearest Zellers seems to have realized that some of us are trying to return baby bottles bought a while ago (as much as 6 years, according to the customer service lady), and they have changed their policy – will only take bottles with a ‘7’ or ‘PC’ stamped on them. Well, Avent bottles often don’t have that on them. So I left, disappointed, but whatever. I think other people have had more success with this even today, so it might just be this particular Zellers that is being uptight. I should have known about this before – they’ve been accepting returns for a few weeks now. I just missed it.

I then went to a major children’s retailer that shall remain nameless, since I just sort of scammed them. Well, not really. What I did was give them several Avent bottles and two Playtex bottles. And they gave me $49.02 in store credit. Okay, so I actually purchased those Avent bottles in England, and the teats at Shopper’s Drug Mart, and the Playtex bottles were free samples from Nestle. So it was sort of not really that fair of me to expect to get store credit for them. But they never asked for a receipt or any proof of purchase. They wouldn’t take my sterilizer, though (damn).  One website has a forum where people are complaining that our economy is already going downhill enough, so why should I expect to get money for something bought over two years ago (and in my case, in a different country!)? You know what? I have already given ENOUGH of my hard earned money to this retailer, and now I will end up giving them more, as the store credit will likely be used to buy a new car seat, so I don’t feel that bad. I feel great! They are getting more of my business. It’s a win-win.

I also called Avent’s customer service line this week; they are sending me two free sippy cups and a $20 rebate form. Score, score and score. Thanks to the Canadian government for making this possible. I don’t often have reason to thank Stephen Harper, so it’s a novelty. Will it all make up for the fact that both my sons were exposed to potential hormone disrupters for a significant amount of time??? I guess we’ll find out when they are older.

I’ve recently had lots of blog traffic as a result of talking about the baby bottles. And I’ve been piping up when in different stores when I’ve heard parents asking questions and heard retailers not exactly giving the right answer. So, once more (with feeling) – Avent teats/nipples/whatever DO fit Born Free plastic bottles. If you want to keep using them. If your kid is used to them (like mine).  Now I’ve used the Born Free bottles for a few weeks, I do quite like them.  I like the shape of them; they are comfortable to hold.  They are easy to clean, with their own brand sponge brush.  They sometimes leak a little, but not too much. They are way too expensive, but at least we’ve made up for that with all this compensation.

Okay, end of bottle talk.

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