A mother of a post

Friday, May 9, 2008

Callum is 6 months old today. I was a little worried in the last few weeks that he’s not really been progressing as far as developmental milestones go. I’m not talking about expecting him to be crawling and talking and whatever by now. I’m going by a fairly rudimentary assessment that the government here uses, that if your children don’t reach the basic milestones, they will suggest that you see a health care provider. But since recovering from his latest cold/virus/whatever, he’s really playing catch-up. Suddenly he’s reaching out for faces, using all kinds of different muscles in his body, and enjoying his food more and more. He really likes munching on these teething biscuits I bought, and I sort of shovel some food in between chews at lunchtime.

His appetite has increased again (had decreased a lot while sick) and he just seems to have come on a lot in the last few days. He’s trying SO hard to roll over but he just can’t seem to get it yet. I think it will come soon, though. He’s also meant to be responding to his own name and understanding some basic words, apparently. I think he probably thinks his name is Oliver since I tend to yell it rather often. Oh well.

This week I started putting him to bed in his own room in his crib at the same time as Oliver, which is a nice change. And he seems to be able to go through (after I give him a dream feed at around 10pm) until 5 or 6 when he fusses a bit and then I get him back to sleep until around 7:30 or 8. This means he’s sleeping less during the day and sort of not really on a routine yet, but we’ll sort that out. Having my evenings back makes a nice change.

I almost forgot – the best things about Callum?   He’s crazy ticklish.   Like  giggles his head off when we change his clothes or wash his neck.   And the  loud man-grunt he makes when filling his nappy is priceless.


Mother’s Day here this weekend, and we’ve got a lot planned. I found some Devon clotted cream at a local supermarket, and based on the fact that my mother is from Devon and enjoys scones with it, I thought I’d make her a nice tea on Saturday. That has spawned some other plans as well; basically now my entire family is coming over, my mother and I will take the kids to a local ‘springfest’ event while my dad, brother and Mark build a dog run, and I’ll make everyone lunch that will include said scones and cream. On Sunday, Mark invited a bunch of work colleagues in town from New Zealand over for a BBQ. I’m not really sure we should be barbecuing as I am sure that Kiwis are much better at handling meat + fire than Brits/Canucks, so we’ll see how it goes. The group includes two little girls so Oliver should have some fun sharing toys.

Mark is often pretty useless with gifts, but last year he got me a nice orchid for Mother’s Day from Oliver and I’ve actually managed to keep the thing alive for a whole year. And it looks like it’s going to bloom again imminently. I would think that was symbolic except I don’t really believe in that stuff. I expect some lovely handmade stuff to come home from daycare with Oliver today.


There’s been a lot of press about this thing called mommy blogging lately. I’m not going to get into the issue of even calling it mommy blogging – what, because I have kids, my entirety identity is ‘mommy’? Or mummy in my case. This is more like ‘my boring life’ blogging, round here. But anyway, I digress.

First, it was a rather negative Globe and Mail article, that my father actually first sent me the link to. Not sure if he thinks I’m pimping his grandchildren or what, but the article and the comments are a bit much.

Then on the Today Show in the States, Kathie Lee Gifford interview Heather from Dooce, and showed a video of some other famous bloggers who make a living from their writing. And basically, the whole tone was set by Kathie Lee ‘not understanding’ computers and feeling uncomfortable with people talking about their children on the internet. Lots of other posters have pointed out how much she has readily put her own children in the public eye, so forget that.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that, yes, Oliver and Callum might not be very happy with this public record of their lives one day, despite the fact my readership is tiny. Yes, it does bother me a little that someone linked here today by searching for Callum’s name and I don’t know who they are (but that’s a limitation of this blog that I can’t add proper analytics like I could on the other blog; WordPress doesn’t tell me IP addresses or locations of visitors).

However, I think that if my parents had kept a similar record, I would be slightly embarrassed but also totally interested in finding out what they felt, what they did when I was growing up. I can sort of relate it to an annual Christmas letter my mother sent out. I wanted to know what she was saying about me to everyone on her mailing list, almost so I could edit it, but it would be really cool to go back and read the old updates. Maybe that’s part of the answer – this can become their story, when they are old enough to contribute, and not just my perspective. The world is a completely different place than when I was growing up – everyone’s lives are so much more public, not just those who have little tiny spaces on the internet to write.

The more important thing is that mommy blogging, or whatever you want to call it, brings me a sense of community. This is really about me! Tells me stories that I want to hear, like how difficult it is to juggle all of this, or some hilarious toddler talk. Tells me stories that are difficult to hear, about loss, or infertility, or family issues. Overall, lets me know I am not alone in this simultaneously challenging, mundane and joyous journey. And I am thinking of the mothers on my blog roll in particular this weekend, and thanking them for their writing, for sharing their journey. Forget the press.

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  1. Maria Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Mama! The pictures are great, and I love the new masthead – reminded me of our shared love of the “flame” Le Creuset and made me smile! Hope to see you soon…

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