Thoughts post-Sex and the City viewing

Monday, June 9, 2008
  1. I can’t really decide whether SJP is gorgeous or hideous. I guess she’s both – which is a pretty interesting way to be, I think.
  2. Did Charlotte REALLY have to get pregnant? Is that not just too much perfection for her life? Wasn’t it already enough that they had successfully adopted??
  3. Next time I move house, I’m going to wear a dress and heels.
  4. I never realized before that a good chunk of Mr. Big’s appeal is that he’s Darcy-esque. Swoony.
  5. Carrie tells Lily that fairy tales aren’t real and not everyone has happy endings. I am trying to remember this as the over-the-top-ness of ‘let’s give everyone their ultimate happy ending’ in this movie left me feeling thoroughly depressed.
  6. (added later) I almost forgot – I got sort of wistful for London when I saw Carrie and Miranda eating Pret in the park.  Because I sometimes used to buy breakfast or lunch from the Pret at Victoria Station on my way to work.  And then I remembered how overpriced it was and it wasn’t really that good anyway.  So never mind.
  7. Doesn’t matter what I went to see – going out to the cinema on a Sunday afternoon with an old friend and getting out of the house is a good thing.

One Response to “Thoughts post-Sex and the City viewing”

  1. Dena Says:

    Me too – when I saw Pret – in my head “I thought Prent was a London thing” — I guess it is in every overpriced city.

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