Freaking freaky storm

Monday, June 16, 2008

So another day, another storm. Seems like it’s thunderstorms all the time around here. The dog has developed storm anxiety. Oliver understands what storm means, that they can be a little scary, but we’ll all be okay.

EXCEPT I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL GOING TO DIE TODAY. Or least my house and car were going to be sacrificed to the most insane hail ever. Mark is going to have to check for house damage when he gets home. My car, which really should have been in the garage, I’ve just been lazy lately, appears to have survived.

Crazy hail

Poor Piper

When the real pounding started, I ran down the hall, as Callum was sleeping in his car seat right beside a large window, because I literally thought I had to save him from smashed glass, it was that insane. He was all startled awake and upset, the dog was freaking out, even the cat came to see me for some human protection.
Of course, my camera batteries were flat. I managed to grab some spare ones from the drawer in time to catch the end of it:

Did not sufficiently capture the madness. Still coming down from freaking right out.

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