One day, I’m going to have to apologize to them for this post

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Oliver came home with big news from daycare. He pee’d for the first time ever in a potty! Woo hoo! Stickers and praise and hugs and all good things. Not that we’ve been trying very hard to toilet train him, but he is really quite uninterested in it, so this was surprising. He’s very happy to sit in a crappy diaper for like an hour, possibly eventually telling you he needs a new one (that’s a recent development). He normally refuses to sit on the potty or the toilet with insert seat, but sometimes he changes his mind and does, but just doesn’t produce anything.

There seem to be quite a few other bloggers I read that are having success at potty training boys who all seem to be about 3-6 months older than Oliver, so I guess his timing is about right, assuming that we start having some progress in this area. Mark and I discussed sort of piling on the training when we get back from the UK at the end of July. Sounds good. One little issue – we found out today he’s meant to be moving up to the junior preschool class, like, imminently, and they are meant to be toilet trained to start. Yeah, if they can accomplish that in a week or two at daycare, I’ll eat one of his diapers. (Um, a clean one, unused of course, as we won’t need them anymore!)

When we are in the UK next month, Mark and I are attending the wedding of one of his closest friends, so I’ve been assembling an outfit consisting of a dress and maybe a nice little jacket I got today or a cardigan. I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear on my feet. So I dug out my old trusty one pair of black heels, bought about 8 years ago at Zellers for like $5. Pathetic, but have served me well. I made the mistake of leaving them out, along with the various handbags that they were hidden under.

Ladies shoes and a purse

“I wear ladies shoes!” “I have a purse!” “I going home”

Oh dear. Mark is going to kill me for taking a picture of him like this! I think it’s hilarious. Time to put together a dress up box. And, he can keep them, ’cause today I found some really nice and COMFORTABLE heels at Winners.

Also, do you think that the Italian-Canadian staff and kids at his daycare will understand what ‘bugger’ means?  Because he’s sort of repeating it a lot.  Oops.

bugger 1 n jerk. Or substitute any other inoffensive insult (“git” works just as well) 2 v sodomise 3 – off: a friendlier alternative to “f— off.” 4 interj “rats.” Stand-alone expletive usable in a similar way as “bollocks”: Oh, bugger!

Just to make sure I publicly humiliate both of them equally, today Callum threw up milk and pureed green beans down my bra, and then crapped in the bath tub. When both him and Oliver were in it. Thankfully the situation was mitigated (e.g. poo contained) by a bath chair and a face cloth, which is now in the garbage.

Oh no!

Oh no!

One Response to “One day, I’m going to have to apologize to them for this post”

  1. Vic Says:

    Every kid does it – you have to save the pic to show to future girlfriends!

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